The Complete Guide to Female Fertility (Piatkus 2007)

The Complete Guide to Female Fertility is for anyone who is thinking about when to have a baby. It's a practical and accessible guide which addresses all the basic questions women have about their fertility and getting pregnant. It deals with the medical facts, the emotions and the social aspects of female fertility, and includes the real-life experiences and insights of dozens of women. The Complete Guide to Female Fertility gives the facts in a balanced down-to-earth manner and includes information on: how your reproductive system works, when you are at your most fertile, how your age affects your chances of conceiving, how you can boost your fertility naturally, what may stop you getting pregnant and how reproductive technology can help. Praise for The Complete Guide to IVF

"Kate Brian manages to discuss complex scientific concepts in beautifully plain English and gives a very modern view of infertility and its problems..." Professor William Ledger, University of Sheffield

"This is the book that no woman who ever wants to have a baby should be without, no matter what her situation is or how old she is now!" Olivia Montuschi, Donor Conception Network

"An incredible resource for any woman that has had (or will ever have) questions about her fertility. Cover to cover was an education." Rachel Hawkes, Verity

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