The Complete Guide to IVF (Piatkus 2009)

This reassuring and accessible book will demystify assisted conception, giving a "behind-the-scenes" view of what is involved. Fertility expert Kate Brian has spent time in clinics talking to consultants, nurses, embryologists and counsellors, and canvassing their thoughts on how to get through IVF successfully. Packed with first-hand accounts of patients, as well as Kate Brian"s own experiences of fertility treatment, The Complete Guide to IVF is essential reading for everyone considering assisted conception.

Praise for The Complete Guide to IVF

"I would certainly recommend this book to anyone struggling with infertility or considering IVF..." Professor William Ledger, University of Sheffield

"..if all our patients had read this book, a lot of their anxieties and uncertainties would most certainly have gone away" Dr Stephen Troup, Chair, Association of Clinical Embryologists

"Kate Brian answers all the questions that we at Infertility Network UK are asked, including some that some patients might be nervous about asking their clinician. Best of all, the questions are answered clearly, sympathetically and honestly." Clare Lewis-Jones, Infertility Network UK

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