Precious Babies

Many thousands of babies are born every year as a result of fertility treatment, or to those who have had to wait a long time to conceive. For women who have a long-awaited positive pregnancy test result, the experience of infertility often continues to resonate throughout pregnancy, birth and often long beyond. Packed with case histories and informed by expert advice, this is the first book to address the specific practical and emotional issues experienced by women who have struggled to become pregnant and provides much-needed reassurance and support.

"This is a book that has been needed for some time and Kate Brian is the perfect person to have written it. I recommend this book to parents of all Precious Babies, including those conceived with the help of a donor - you will find much here to reassure you." Olivia Montuschi, Donor Conception Network

"Kate Brian has addressed an enormously important but overlooked aspect of infertility...what makes it a real treasure is that the book exudes reassurance that you are not alone and builds confidence with a strong, positive voice." Jane Denton, Multiple Births Foundation

"When Kate told me she was writing 'Precious Babies' my immediate reaction was that this was a much needed and overdue book and therefore I welcome it wholeheartedly. This book provides good, solid and practical information, researched and written by someone who has been there herself and totally understands, thus treating the subject and those affected sympathetically and with understanding." Clare Lewis-Jones MBE, Chief Executive ACeBabes and Infertility Network UK.

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